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Redesign the lunchroom. Save the planet.

It’s time to address the square pizza in the room. From the menu to the trays to the food disposal process, the school lunchroom could certainly be better for the planet. 

To get students excited about sustainability, Beyond Meat and EVERFI are launching the first-ever Beyond Lunch Sustainability Challenge! The teacher’s classroom submission with the most audacious, yet feasible, ideas for making the lunchroom more sustainable will be selected as the Grand Prize Winner and win $10,000 for their school to implement their vision. Teachers, it’s time to Go Beyond and collaborate with your students to reimagine the entire lunchroom experience!

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Teaching sustainability to the next generation.

Beyond Meat and EVERFI have built a free digital course to educate the next generation about sustainability. The course, Sustainability Foundations: Plants, Animals, and Our World, is designed for students in grades 5-8 and covers biodiversity, climate change, and how to innovate for a healthy life.

The concepts in the course will help your students create ideas for the Beyond Lunch Sustainability Challenge, so don’t wait to get started! Your class must start the course to be eligible for the Challenge.

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3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Register for the free digital course, Sustainability Foundations: Plants, Animals, and Our World, “create a class,” and have your students begin taking the course.

Step 2

Have your class create a presentation about how they will make their school’s lunchroom experience more sustainable and reduce environmental impact with ideas that are creative and feasibly implemented! Be sure to also tell us about your class & school! Read the Official Rules for more details.

Step 3

Submit your classroom’s presentation PDF using the entry form below! (Maximum of 10 pages)

Don’t forget, submissions are due April 13th, 2021! More questions? Check out the FAQ.

What changes could be made within your school’s lunchroom to reduce environmental impact?

Food Sourcing – Where your food comes from can have a big impact on the sustainability and quality of the food. Sourcing locally and partnering with your community’s existing food community is becoming more and more popular.

Food Choices – Variety of food is the #1 complaint in lunchrooms across the nation and for good reason, it has a big impact on sustainability and overall health of your classmates. How can your students help their fellow students become more adventurous in the foods they are willing to eat?

Materials – When it comes to sustainability, it goes beyond just the food. What the food is served in/on and what your students use to consume the food (plastic forks, straws) can have a huge impact on sustainability. Can your students come up with ways to rethink the materials used in the lunchroom to positive impact sustainability? Don’t forget about cleaning supplies!

Atmosphere – With a more relaxed atmosphere, food and an opportunity to socialize with friends, the lunchroom could be one of your students’ favorite places. School is life and should teach life skills, so how can your students incorporate some life skills into the lunchroom experience? Need more specificity? Think about manners and students serving other students.

Energy – Electricity, heat, water all are important components of the lunch hour – what incredible ideas can your students come up with to reduce, recycle, and reprioritize the energy used in the lunchroom?

Recycling/Upcycling – In 2021, you likely have some type of recycling in your school already, but challenge your students to go beyond. Come up with new and innovative ways to improve the impact your school is already making.

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The Submission Period has ended and entries are currently being evaluated. Up to 5 Finalists will be notified on or about Monday, May 3.

The Winner will be announced on or about Tuesday, June 1.